Help for genealogical tree

This page displays the genealogic tree (or pedigree) of a malamute with various display options :
  • Zoom : pinch with two fingers to modify the zoom on the display of the tree in order to ease the information reading for a dog, or to keep the entire tree on a browser page.
  • Drag and Drop : you can use drag and drop with one finger to move the tree into the blue frame in order to see different parts of the genealogical tree.
  • Number of generations : the depth of display of the tree or in other words, the number of generations to display. This value can vary from 1 to 4. To view a larger tree, you can click on a leaf(see below).
  • Search : the simple search is done by entering a name or affix dog and clicking "Search". The name or affix can be not complete, and I advise to not enter the full name because according to the pedigrees, a single dog can have several spellings. If you type any letter in the name and affix the search will return the full names and affixes to the database.
  • Display Options : these 2 options to choose the 2 informations that you want to appear in the image of pedigree

Clicking on a leaf or on the root of the genealogical tree, a new window appears where pictures and informations of the dog are displayed and where you can to choose to display :
  • the pedigree from this new point of departure, allowing easy and precise exploration of the complete pedigree of a dog on the side of parents.
  • the descendants, the potential puppies that the considered dog could have got allowing easy and precise exploration of the complete pedigree of a dog on the side of descendants.
The informations that can be displayed in a pedigree are :
  • The nom : the name of the dog.
  • The affix : The affix of the dog. This value is approximate at this time for technical reasons, but should be more precise later.
  • The call name : the call name of the dog.
  • The birth date : in french format, day-month-year
  • The death date : in french format, day-month-year
  • The titles : titles that the dog have got in dog shows or obdience, or pulling show, or other ...
  • The color : the color of the dog, quite subjective value.
  • The identification : the number that identifies the dog in the stud book of the country of origin of the dog.
  • The size : the size of the dog.
  • The weight : the weight of the dog.
  • The breeder : the name of the breeder of the dog.
  • The owner : the name of the owner of the dog.
  • Dysplasia : the result of the search for hip dysplasia : A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Fair, D = Poor
  • Elbow : the result of the search for elbow dysplasia : 0 = Excellent, SL = Very Good, 0 = Good, 1 = Fair, 2 = Poor
  • Eyes : the result of the search of eye defects (PRA, cataracts, other ...)
  • Type : information that I calculated to try to determine what type of dog: M'loot or Kotzebue or a mixture of two. The higher the value is close to 1, the dog is more like M'Loot. The higher the value is close to 0, the more the dog is kind of Kotzebue. The value of 0.5 corresponds to a mixture of equal M'Loot and Kotzebue. This is really relevant only if the pedigree is complete, otherwise the value is approximate and is only a guideline.
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