De La Coleen d'Urok

Guiness De La Coleen d'Urok, one puppy of our first litter

Poor Guiness. She was our great misfortune of this great adventure.

Guiness was a great little dog, a little bitch, who loved to rob us of what we leave lying around. She was all thin, with a little thin nose, a great gray ash color and a small brown head like her mother when she was little. Her ears were very erect, tail erect, nose not quite black, and the hair rather short.

Guiness died suddenly in two days, without us knowing what really happened to her, probably a problem in the abdomen and she died of severe jaundice. She died at the age of 9 weeks, when we thought all was well in health at this age.

She was for a serious family of Toulouse who had come to see the puppies many times and waiting for their first Malamute since three years. Alas, life has decided otherwise, and we helped them to find another puppy from another breeder.

Even today, Guinness, you remain in our hearts.

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Guiness - De la Coleen d'Urok - The Alaskan Malamute Rafraîchir

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