De La Coleen d'Urok

Hedden De La Coleen d'Urok, one puppy of our second litter

Hedden was a grey and white girl puppy who was the spitting image of her mother when she was a puppy. She had the same hair type, gray and white and short hair.

Hedden was the most heavy girl puppy of the litter, the same physical structure as her mother. Ears and pigmentation were perfect.

Hedden was pretty cool. She was the scapegoat of his half-brother Guizmo who particularly liked playing with her. She was a little bit timid because she was often the first to hide when there was a new noise or when her mother Coleen was barking. But nothing catastrophic, and with a little work, she will take confidence in herself.

Now, Hedden lives with a couple that already owned a Dalmatian, in a little town close to our house; She should do dog shows, so we will see her again in some months.

The Hedden De La Coleen d'Urok pedigree

Hedden's pictures when he was yet at our home

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Hedden chez nous - De la Coleen d'Urok - The Alaskan Malamute Rafraîchir

Hedden's picture at his home

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Rafraîchir Hedden chez elle - De la Coleen d'Urok - The Alaskan Malamute

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